a museum liturgy

Curated spaces have always been both lovely and intimidating to me. A friend recently asked what my strategy was for the many museum visits I’ve been making while abroad, here was my reply!

– read room introductions and wander til you are drawn to a work.

– give each piece a chance until you are tired. forgive your incapacity to digest everything. eating the whole buffet would give you a tummy ache and you do not have room for the whole museum inside of you.

– stand tall where there are gaps. try not to obstruct someone else’s view, but know there is room for you here. you do belong in this space.

– hush the pressure to move on quickly; enjoy.

– remember the guards are not paintings themselves. look into their eyes and smile. they will (most likely) smile back.

– be wary of falling in love with the stranger beside you looking at the same work!!! this is easier with Pollock. this is harder with Rothko. this is near impossible with Danby’s “Disappointed Love”, but you must resist.

– go to the giftshop and look for postcards that make you think of people you love. mail them that same day.

– go back outside and look at the sun, grass, birds, tree bark. take and enjoy all the free art the world has to offer us.

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