what carried me in 2017

year's end 2017

this post is inspired by this tweet from Ben Platt! thank u, Ben!


art that carried me:

i wonder how many birds.png


things I looked forward to:

  • lighting candles (my windowsill is now a candle graveyard)
  • snuggling the babies and kiddos I babysit
  • morning cup of Yirgacheffe coffee
  • kitchen sunlight around 4pm
  • sociology on Tuesday/Thursdays
  • my grandmother’s smile when coming home after a while
  • seeing birds




things I learned how to do:

  • make biscuits
  • make candles
  • date a boy
  • keep going when you are no longer dating a boy
  • use the Enneagram for my good
  • welcome skepticism
  • make handwritten gifs


special thanks.png

mom, dad, content creators, poets, Black Twitter, levity, lightness, JOY, resistance, good bakers and coffeemakers, writers alive and dead, my favorite auntie, swings, kind professors who accept late papers, fresh bread, grandmothers (always), dogs (always), planes, clouds, People Doing The Work, sidewalk trinkets, strangers who smile at you, friends arms that hold you, tears, belly laughs, family phone calls that are always right on time.

cheers to the new year and the things it will carry.


This is the urgency: Live!
and have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind.

Gwendolyn Brooks

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